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The New World of Publishing: Dare to Be Bad

Kevin J. Anderson just did a good blog on the topic of taking a chance with your work, about “Daring to be Bad” on a first draft and getting it down. Read his blog here, it’s short. Kevin credits me with … Continue reading

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Twitter 101

A great article by J. Steven York on how to start and use Twitter for writers. I think he wrote this one for me.  Or he told me today that he did. (grin) Thanks, Steve, great stuff.  Go read it … Continue reading

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Molly Joined the House

Molly Here is a picture of our newest member of the house. Twelve weeks old, just out of major surgery because some scum tossed her out a window of a car going about fifty and smashed her hip. Luckily Kip … Continue reading

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Just below, put up early on the day after Thanksgiving as the traditional Christmas season starts, a Christmas mystery story. I never sold this story anywhere because I never mailed it. WMG Publishing has put it up for the first … Continue reading

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A Great Post on Speed of Writing

As I have said over and over and over, writing fast does not mean typing faster. It just means fast writers, or writers who are perceived to be fast, spend more hours writing. Nothing more. I’m lucky if I manage … Continue reading

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide

Thought I would mention this here because it is a fantastic book. Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s THE FREELANCER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE is now a book available for sale. A big book, weighing in at 580 pages of information on every aspect of … Continue reading

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Another Trip Adventure

Kris and I were supposed to have spent yesterday (Saturday) in Vancouver, Canada, talking to the very strong chapter of the Romance Writers organization based there. Basically a higher level Kris and Dean show. And both Kris and I had … Continue reading

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Weekly Updates

Below the New World of Publishing entry is a short story I first published in an anthology about alien wars called Front Lines. As with many of my stories, it was a stretch for the editor to put it into … Continue reading

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New World of Publishing: Small Press Ego

Self-publishing writers think that big publishing will collapse because the self-published writers now find it easy to put up their own books. That belief is so silly that I wasn’t sure if this should be a Killing the Sacred Cows … Continue reading

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John Scalzi Sounds Like Me…oh,oh

I was just about to start into a post about the proven stupidity of some young writers, and how the really, really stupid writers were signing on with a know scam writer when John Scalzi wrote what I wanted to … Continue reading

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