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Speaking of Agents

Writer J. Steven York has done one of the best posts about agents I have ever read. This should be must-reading for any new writer.  And it’s funny as well. Click here. Cheers Dean

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Life After Agents…Part Two

This series of posts is taking the wonderful series on The History Chanel called Life After People and using the format to take a look at different areas of publishing. So far I’ve done two on Life After Returns and … Continue reading

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Life After Agents…Part One

As I said with the last series of Life After Returns, I am a fan of the History Channel series Life After People. So I thought it might be fun to take a look at some areas of the publishing … Continue reading

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Life After Returns…comments

I wanted to point anyone interested in the last two articles to the comments following the first Life After Returns post.  There is discussion there about the POD machines and Scan-Based returns. Both really didn’t fit into my focus of … Continue reading

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Freelancers Guide and Streak Updates

If you are not reading Kris’s Freelancers Survival Guide on her web site every week, start doing so.  In this last post she talked a lot about some of what I talked about this last December.  And she mentioned how … Continue reading

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Life After Returns…Part Two

If you haven’t read the first installment of Life After Returns, please do so before reading this. It is right below this post and this one will make a ton more sense if you do. I am patterning this series … Continue reading

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