Agents Do Not Work For Writers

Folks, if you have not been reading the series former attorney Passive Guy is doing on book agents and book contracts, you are missing a very expensive education that you could be getting for free.

His most recent article about agents will jam you myth-believer’s eyebrows against your hairline because he is so clear.

A couple of lines from his article are worth quoting back here.

“Does a publisher absolutely need a deal with a particular new author? Probably not. Does an agent absolutely need to get a deal for a particular new author? Probably not. Does a publisher absolutely need to deal with a particular agent for anyone but a megaseller author? Probably not.

Does an agent absolutely need the ability to deal with at least one publisher in a manner the publisher approves of? Definitely yes. Without a good relationship with a publisher and preferably several publishers, the agent isn’t an agent any more.

Ultimately, for an agent, publishers are more necessary than any author.”

Folks, read this article and the entire series on agents and contracts if you ever have any thought of getting an agent or have an agent now. This could save you more money than you can ever imagine and maybe even your entire writing career.

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One Response to Agents Do Not Work For Writers

  1. Just Passing Through says:

    You know, it just came to me: I see a new way that agents could peak the ear of the new author: “Say, you know how all the ebooks are now charging to publish on their system. Well, you sign with us and we’ll absorb the cost. Sure, you might give up some flimsly right for this sevice but it’s no big deal. Don’t worry kid, I’ll take care of you.”

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