eReaders Up to 12%

And on the same topic of electronic sales, a great survey. Worth looking at on how eReaders and Tablets are growing in households.

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3 Responses to eReaders Up to 12%

  1. Camille says:

    I think the thing to remember is that our gateway drug is the smart phone and other handheld devices. People buy slightly larger devices for hardcore uses they already know they want.

    Most of the Kindle owners I know started out saying “I’d never use a thing like that!” They started reading on their iPhones because there was some book they couldn’t get any other way, and then got hooked.

    I think that’s a big part of the snowball that’s rolling fast. We already have really big market penetration of the _capability_ of reading ebooks.

  2. joemontana says:

    I think another factor is that ereaders have been coming down in price. I got my nook in January for ~ 150 (with tax a case etc). Kindle has been coming down too.

    Ipads and the like are pretty pricey still. In the economic climate we find ourselves in, a lot of people don;t have $300 burning a hole in their pockets…

  3. John Walters says:

    This is great news. These people are going to want to fill those devices with stories; that’s the whole point. Time to get busy.

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