Lawrence Block on Short Fiction

Lawrence Block did a funny and informative blog about short fiction in this new world, and the writing of some of his short stories over the years.  Worth the read for those who are writing and indie publishing short fiction. And you might learn some history of publishing along the way.

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One Response to Lawrence Block on Short Fiction

  1. John Walters says:

    Thanks for this link, Dean. It’s a great post. What I found fascinating is that Lawrence Block, the veteran, is also new to the new world of publishing and is learning along with the rest of us. He’s not sure either why some sell better than others, about pricing, about collections, and so on. It is great fun to be learning all this together. Also, he’s spot on about the languishing traditional short story market and the shot in the arm that electronic publishing has given the short story. We short story readers and writers can only rejoice.

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