The Writing of Challenge Story #31: Miss Smallwood’s Goodies

I mentioned last story that I had a cool title that after I wrote the story just didn’t fit. So I changed the title of that one to “The War of Poker” that fit that story perfectly.

This is the title I mentioned. I started this one with that same title, but had no idea where to go with the story, since the last time I ran into a completely different story. So I went to Dreamstime and started to play with finding some nifty images and I found this cover image, which I knew just fit the title.

And I knew it had to be a second Pilgrim Hugh Incident story.

And I was off and typing.

As always not a clue where I was going.

When Kris read this she wanted me to send this to Ellery Queen Magazine, and earlier in the challenge I would have and just not counted this story, but I am breaking that part of my challenge since at this point I need every story I can get.

I started the story last night when I got back from yet another trip to Eugene (five hour round trip) to work on estate stuff. Kris went with me yesterday, which made the trip easier and we had a great dinner on the way home. So after watching Castle, I went to work on the story, got a few pages into it, stopped, and after a bunch of stuff today (Tuesday) I came back and finished it.

And did the cover from the art I had found. I more than likely won’t be done launching it until about 1 in the morning on September 28th, but close enough. I will be starting another story as soon as I get this one posted.
Working to gain speed.

TOTAL HOURS SPENT (Including writing, cover, publishing it on three sites electronically, and putting it up here and writing this post) 6.5 hours.

Actually started September 26th. Published September 27th. Posted here around midnight on September 27th.

Word Count: About 3,000 words.

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3 Responses to The Writing of Challenge Story #31: Miss Smallwood’s Goodies

  1. Don Mark says:

    Thanks for these storys Dean. There an inspiration and fun. Your showing that are fiction can be fun. We get enough serious stuff from the news.

  2. asrai says:

    Stil wondering/creeped out about where her goodies went.

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