Lee Goldberg on “Sucker Country”

Great post by Lee on Book Country scam.  http://leegoldberg.typepad.com/a_writers_life/2011/11/sucker-country.html

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6 Responses to Lee Goldberg on “Sucker Country”

  1. Frank Dellen says:

    “As troubling and opportunistic and disingenuous as all of this is, what struck me as ironic — and by ironic, I mean mind-bogglingly unbelievable — is that Penguin is now apparently prepared to pay self-pubbed writers 70% of net for ebook sales. While they’re reportedly paying their traditionally pubbed writers, those with “real” publishing contracts, 25% of net for ebook sales.”

    Quoted from KD James: http://kdjames.com/2011/11/19/book-country-apparently-a-whole-other-world/

    An aspect that should make the Penguin authors think, imo.

  2. I still can’t shake the feeling that I’ll wake up tomorrow and find out that this is all just another comedy bit by Onion News.

  3. It’s simply astonishing that they could have ever thought this would be a good idea. But it does go to show just how out of touch with current events publishing houses are…even in their own industry.

  4. camille says:

    Hey, vanity press was a strong business when it cost thousands of dollars — Penguin’s going to do fine with this model.

    Standing back from my outrage at the sheer crookedness of it all, and my sorrow at the foolishness of the suckers who fall for it…I have to admire the forward thinking here. (In the same way you admire a supervillain’s evil plan.)

    Penguin is thinking way ahead of everyone on this. (Maybe a little behind Amazon — but more on a level with Amazon than most people in publishing.) They’re moving beyond publishing into aggregration and social networking. That’s exactly where the future is.

    The parent company must love them.

    • dwsmith says:

      I agree, Camille, this is very smart business on the part of Penguin when looked at from a corporate level. They know they have a world of writers desperate to be published and will pay for the honor of doing it themselves and paying someone to then punch the button. Fantastically smart on Penguin’s part, sad for the writers who fall for it.

  5. C.E. Petit says:

    <sarcasm> It’s called “Book Country,” y’all, because them city slickers in New Yawk think they’ll make the hayseeds from the country (that is, not in New Yawk) more comfortable with a name that sounds more rube-like.</sarcasm>

    Yet another screwed-up attempt at branding in the best/worst tradition of American MBAdom from Pearson (the corporate parent of Penguin). There’s a list as long as my arm of branding failures in that conglomerate… and the only branding success they’ve had is with Penguin itself, which Pearson purchased as an already-successful brand.

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