Balanced Post On Writing Speed by Zoe Winters

Zoe Winters just today did a very balanced and clear post about writing and speed of writing. Well worth the read for writers and anyone interested in the writing process.

And note for those of you still confused how a writer writes “faster,”  Zoe never once talks about typing faster, only about spending more time in her writing chair enjoying the process of writing. That makes a “faster” writer.

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59 Responses to Balanced Post On Writing Speed by Zoe Winters

  1. There is another excellent post from Rachel Astor here about how she went from 2k a day to 10k a day.

    What I love about this post is that it doesn’t have vague tips about “pushing through” or “keeping at it” but there is a whole theory behind it with practical steps you can take to increase your own speed.

    Maybe it’s obvious to most of you guys, but there is stuff in here I can start using straight away when I start my next novel in Jan. Which is cool.

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