Kris’s New Blog on Publishing. A Must Read!!

Folks, if you have not read Kris’s new blog on how and why traditional publishers treat writers the way they do, please do yourself a favor and read it very soon. She made it clear and simple and said it in a way that you will always remember the grocery store way of looking at publishing.

This one is a classic, folks. If you have questions or want to talk about it here instead of on her blog, feel free.

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3 Responses to Kris’s New Blog on Publishing. A Must Read!!

  1. I thought they treated writers that way because writers let them.

    *wanders over to Kris’ blog to read*

  2. Yeah, I read it and left Kris a comment thanking her for presenting, once again, the facts we as writers need to keep in mind–namely, treating writing as a business and understanding that we are suppliers of products, whether to traditional publishers or via indie ventures. It’s a sober view, but a good thing to keep in mind.

  3. John Walters says:

    I follow both your blogs but have been, for the most part, too exhausted lately to offer much comment. Instead of blathering I’d rather just listen and learn. But I do appreciate you both taking the time to share your knowledge. It is much appreciated. I hope you two have the chance to relax a bit over Christmas and New Year.

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