A Report From Digital Book World

In case you haven’t been following the reports on Publisher’s Marketplace, Digital Book World conference is going on right now in New York.  And Bob Meyer is there and speaking.  His two write-ups are worth the read.


And once again he said something I have heard him say before, but let me quote him here because I agree completely.

Bob Meyer said in his blog,

“In the interest of being controversial, let me restate my feeling about digital publishing: Authors produce the product.  Readers consume the product.  Everyone else:  Lead, Follow or Get The Hell Out of the Way.”

Read his reports on Digital Book World.

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7 Responses to A Report From Digital Book World

  1. SL Clark says:

    I “love” that quote and this one a weee bit more:

    “By the end of 2012 it’s estimated there will be 40 million ereaders and 61 million tablets in the US.”

    It’s a good time to be a writer!

  2. Great quote! I will definitely have to use that somewhere, because it gave me a great big happy, reading that.

    And about friggin’ time, too, I say…I am so sick of middle men thinking they are the important link in the chain. Jeez. Talk about a deluded sense of self-importance.

    But it’s always been interesting to me that the people producing the least in actual value are the ones most egotistical about their contributions.

  3. David Barron says:

    It’s too late to lead me to water, because I’m already drinking.

  4. Cyn Bagley says:

    “Lead, Follow, Or Get out of the way” comes from the infantry and is used in all branches of the military. ;-)

    And it is a successful tool for any work. I love it that he is using it for publishing.


  5. Cyn Bagley says:

    Just to be clear I was in the military for six years as an electronics technician – I have had a varied work life. I understand what Bob is saying because it closely resembles my experience.

    And, in another vein, I resisted getting an ereader until my friend bought her first kindle. Then I got one for my birthday over 2.5 years ago. Before the kindle I was pretty sure that I would not get rid of my books. I had rooms dedicated to just books. I loved the smell of paper. HOWEVER, when the ereader was in my hand and I could read in any light. And it was light. And it was easy. I looked at my old wornout books. And I saw how heavy they were and then I started selling them and giving them away.

    I still have books, but not the quantity.

    So the reason I am telling this story is that if I WHO LOVE BOOKS especially the paper and ink will give up books for an ereader, a lot of other people will.


  6. JR Tomlin says:

    Dean, I thought the better quote was one Bob gave from Elle Lothlorien: I’d rather trust my fate to me.

  7. Bob Mayer says:

    Well my name is Mayer. Not Meyer.

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