Teaching in Vegas

Kris and I will be down with our good friend Kevin J. Anderson in Las Vegas the last of April for the SuperStars Writing Seminars.  Kevin put up a schedule of the three days and I would imagine there are still a few openings. You can check it out on Kevin’s blog at http://kjablog.com

Not only will Kris and I be doing a few panels and such, but we will be hanging around and talking in the evenings. Maybe we’ll see some of you there.

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  1. Cyn Bagley says:

    I am really sorry that I will miss out on these writing seminars. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have learned a lot about the business side of writing. Please accept my apologies.

    Once again I cannot go because of illness. I am in the middle of changing my meds and it looks like I am having a reaction to the new meds. Actually I wish that you had an online seminar. I am not allowed to be around large groups of people. I am immuno-suppressed. It just makes life difficult.

    Anyway I hope you have a great time.


  2. Kate Madison says:

    I am so excited. Y’all signing up to be speakers is the main reason I am going. I look forward to meeting you and Kris as well as the other authors.

    • dwsmith says:

      Kate, Robert, make sure you are around in the evenings in wherever the official meeting location will be, so we can sit and talk. It’s going to be great fun and that informal part is always part of the fun of an conference, and sometimes where the most learning comes in. See you in just over a month.

  3. Dean,

    I’ll be there! I am looking forward to the seminar and meeting you and Kris and thanking you both personally for all you do to help new writers like myself out.

    You both have had a large influence what I do with what I write, how much I write, and continue to help me relax about it all and take a long-term view.

    If you have time, a beverage of your choice is on me.


  4. Louis says:

    Makes me want to go to Vegas. I think there are still discount flights from here.

    And this time what happens in Vegas will not stay there.

  5. Ramon Terrell says:

    Can’t wait to see you there!!! I hope I can sit and talk with you all as well! :)

  6. Cyn Bagley, if you visit the Superstars Writing Seminars web site you will find their sale listings for MP3 audio of past workshops, both 2010 and 2011. If you can’t attend in-person I highly recommend the MP3 audio, as it’s almost the same as being there. Better yet, you can re-listen to them over and over again. No need to scribble notes! Which is why when I attended in 2011 I bought the 2010 MP3 just to save myself the trouble of trying to write everything down. Which would have been next to impossible.

    The content this year looks to be the best yet: lots and lots of data from long-time professionals about indie publishing and traditional publishing alike. I expect some engaging and lively discussion. And yes, the after-seminar bull sessions — to include lunches and whatnot — are almost worth the price of admission all by themselves.

    See you in Vegas!

  7. Cyn Bagley says:

    Thanks Brad,
    I get to miss out on a lot. ;-) I appreciate the advice and I’ll be looking over the mp3 audio from the website.

    Yours, Cyn

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