Challenge Update

Workshop going on here right now, and I finally finished one major project and a short story for an assignment anthology. So with luck the challenge will be coming back to full steam. Just been nuts. Stay tuned.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Dean – Two things . . .

    1) Glad to hear the challenge stories will be coming back.

    2) You mentioned a workshop that you’re doing. Do you tape or record those? If not, would you consider it? I really want to attend one of your workshops, but logistically I can’t make it work due to how far apart we are geographically.

    However, if you were to offer some of the workshops on DVD or CD or heck even downloads from like Amazon’s S3 servers, I’d buy. And I’d guess I’m not the only one either (even if you priced them at the same price it cost live).


    • dwsmith says:

      Sorry, Nathan, part of the very import part of these workshops is getting with other writers and also proving to me and Kris you are dedicated enough to get here. The workshop going on right now has a woman from Germany. And another from Toronto, Canada, one from Texas, and so on.

      We get very, very few from Oregon, actually, and even living in Oregon, this is a ways away. (grin)

      Nope, these workshops will never be taped or recorded or sold. They are only for the people who can make it. Sorry.

  2. Ken says:

    I really enjoyed the Clockwork Key story.
    Hope to see more in that series.

    • dwsmith says:

      Thanks, Ken. Yup, good old Bryant Street is very much a part of my writing, so there will be more. Thanks again.

  3. B.C. Young says:

    I was wondering what happened to the challenge. Thanks for the update.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Nathan, I’m one of the folks in the workshop with Dean and Kris currently. I recommend if you can beg, borrow or steal the money and time to get here, do it. The opportunity and learning can’t be matched by any recording. Experiencing it in person takes your writing to another level. I can already feel it in mine.

  5. This seemed like the place to comment on challenges. At the end of the first quarter of 2011, I’ve written 23,100 words which is a higher pace than I’ve managed at any point in the previous six years I was writing as an amateur/semi-pro. Those words went into multiple stories, two of which are sitting on editors’ desks, another one which previewed at a genre association site and will be epubbed in April, and a fourth which was released for free on my site. That’s not counting the words that went into yet-to-be-completed stories.

    My 2011 challenge, given my real life constraints, was 10 points. I’ve got 5 traditional points at this moment, with 4 epoints imminent (3 backlist stories plus the previously mentioned previewed story). It’s beginning to look like I may have underestimated myself…

    The challenge atmosphere has definitely been good for me. Thanks, Dean.

    • dwsmith says:

      More than welcome, Big Ed. And I’m getting back on the challenge here quickly after having to write some traditionally published projects that don’t count in my challenge. I actually wrote a part of the origin of the Jukebox in my jukebox stories in one story. Hardest short story I’ve written in a decade because I’ve been working on it for over thirty years. Now if that doesn’t screw with your brain, nothing will. (grin) And about three quarters of the way through I also realized I was doing something completely new with time travel in science fiction and since everything has been done before, basically, that bothered me as well. (grin)

      Anyway, the wonderful editor said I made her brain hurt and she bought the story and it will be out in a DAW anthology at some point down the road. So now I can actually work on the next part of the origin story of the jukebox at some point in the challenge and fire up on that jukebox novel I’ve been promising myself for twenty years now. Great fun.

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