Might Be Called Hoarding…

By nature, I am a collector.

Actually, by nature, I am a picker. I buy things to resell and have a wonderful time in the search. Finding something for a buck and selling it for a hundred has a real thrill attached.

I actually collect and hold very few things. I sort of collect marbles (although we sell many) and very old paperback books. Old meaning the first 500 or so of each publisher back in the late 1930s up through 1960. That’s it.

Everything else I buy to resell.

Except for one small exception: Domains.

Now I don’t go out and try to grab domains that are logical to try to resell. I only get domains that have something to do with some business or writing idea one of us has. Plus pen names, series names, and on and on.

In fact, before any idea is spent any time on at all at WMG, I grab the domain to make sure it is available.

Seems logical, right? Just good business in this modern world.

Until this habit goes on for a decade or more.

Just yesterday, for a possible future project, I grabbed three more domains and that was when I noticed how many I was paying for every year. Shocked.

Stunned would be more like it.

This domain stuff is the opposite of picking. I get a domain and then keep paying for it over and over, year-after-year. No thought of ever selling it. Yikes.

So I decided to try to thin some of them out.


Couldn’t thin a one. All were attached to ideas, names, and so on.

All might be used at some point.

And I heard myself think that and I realized for the first time I had just experienced a hoarder mentality. “It might be used at some point.”

Now I have a lot of stuff, sure. Two full stores full of stuff, plus a couple of warehouse areas. But it is all for sale or will be. (Except the paperbacks, digests, and marbles and maybe even them in short order.)

So this hoarder mentality shocked me. I went back and still couldn’t get rid of any of the domains I am paying for. They all seem logical to keep and might be worth something to us in a business project at some point.

So I wonder if I am the only one out there that does this?

Put your hoarding in a range. Only count domains you pay for year-after-year. You don’t have to say anything unless you want. Be happy if you don’t have a problem with this. You are saving a ton of money every year.

Stage One: 1-10 domains.
Stage Two: 11-25 domains
Stage Three: 26-50 domains
Stage Four: 51-100 domains
Stage Five: Over 100 domains.

Sadly, I am Stage Five. I think I need to go to meetings because I clearly have a hoarding problem.

Sort of snuck up on me.