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A very interesting post from a writer (Amanda Hocking) who has had some success on publishing electronic. Very balanced and pretty much what I have been trying to say that electronic and traditional are not mutually exclusive and that if you use both correctly, you will climb even farther.  Check it out.

Back shortly with a new chapter in one of the two series I am still doing.

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  1. Mark says:

    What it seems like to me is that the most important thing an indie writer can do is build audience, and the easiest way to build audience is to get a traditional publishing contract.

    This may change in the future as more and more readers are open to the idea of indie fiction (and the low price on ebooks may help that) and there are new gatekeepers for indie fiction that spring up (by this I mean review sites for indie fiction that gain popularity and credibility), but for now the indie writer looks like the fabled push-me-pull-you needing to go in two directions at once.

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