Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing

The first book is called:


It is available now from all major electronic and paper bookstores if you would like your own copy.

Chapter One… Only One Way

Chapter Two… Speed: Writing Fast is Bad

Chapter Three… Rewriting

Chapter Four… You Need an Agent to Sell a Book.

Chapter Five… Book as Event

Chapter Six… Selling a Book to a Large Publishers Insures Quality

Chapter Seven… To Sell You Must Write What is Hot

Chapter Eight… You Can’t Make a Living with Your Fiction

Chapter Nine… Writing is Hard

Chapter Ten… Killing a Career


Second Book is called


Chapter One… You Can’t Get Your Books into Bookstores

Chapter Two… Self Publishing or Indie Publishing is Easy

Chapter Three… No One Pays a Good Price for a Book from a New Writer

Chapter Four… You Need an Agent to Help You Sell Translation Rights

Chapter Five… Printers are Distributors

Chapter Six… Put the Book Up and Leave It

Chapter Seven… You Have To Sell Books Quickly

Chapter Eight… You Have Missed the Boat

Chapter Nine… You Must Sell Books Cheaply

Chapter Ten… There is Only One Way to Publish a Book


Older Sacred Cows

Older chapters… Warning, even though they say they are updated, they may not be suited for this new world of publishing. You might be better served until I can get some of this redone going back slowly from the present through the blogs listed as “The New World of Publishing.” And make sure you read the comments as well.

— Myth: Giving Away 15% of Your Work.

— Rewriting Part Two 

—The Myth of Workshops 

—Researching Fiction


Thinking That Causes Bad Decisions…

—Writers Don’t Need to Practice (updated)

—Talent is a Myth

—The Myth of Knowing it All

—You Have it Made When…


Agents and All the Myths

Not updated… Much of this is very, very dated… Extreme caution…

Agents Know Markets

Agent Agreements

Agents Care About Writers First

Agents Can Give Career Advice

Agents and Your Money

Your Agent Sells Your Book Overseas

Follow the Rules to Get Published

Asking Your Agent Permission


Only 300 Writers Make a Living

Agent and Contracts

The Agent 15% Myth

Agents need to Take Care of Writers

The Power of Myths

You Must Give All Your Money to an Agent First

You Can Trust Your Agent

Writers Compete With Each Other

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