LAST CALL… April Online Workshops Starting Up

April Online Workshops All Now Starting. All Have Openings

April workshops are starting now. Each workshop is 6 weeks long and is limited to 12 writers. It will take you about four hours per week to do each of these. These are the starting dates of upcoming workshops. All have openings at the moment. (I have bolded the newer workshops that have started this year. Originality is starting in April.)

Click the green buttons below for sign-up information on any workshop or lecture.

Class #41… April 7th… Depth of Writing
Class #42… April 7th… Character Voice/Setting
Class #43… Apr 7th … Pacing Your Stories
Class #44… Apr 8th … Cliffhangers
Class #45… Apr 8th … Openings
Class #46… Apr 9th … Originality
Class #47… Apr 9th … Genre Structure
Class #48… Apr 10th … Pitches and Blurbs
Class #49… Apr 10th … World Building

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12 Responses to LAST CALL… April Online Workshops Starting Up

  1. What happened to the Think Like A Publisher workshop?

    • dwsmith says:

      All gone I’m afraid. We figured that by the time we got it together, things would have changed so much that half of it would be wrong. Things are still changing so fast in indie publishing as to be crazy. That’s why we just postponed the audio workshop as well. Changes last week by ACX need to settle and see what happens next.

      I’m working on the 2014/2015 version of the Think Like a Publisher book and will be posting new chapters here. I was almost done with one and something changed again so I haven’t gotten back to finishing it yet, but will soon.

      Fun and crazy world at the moment. Publishing went decades with almost nothing changing. Now we can barely go months. (grin)

      • I see. I was hoping to scrap together money for that, but I see your point. You wouldn’t want someone to pay for something and then everything changes a week after the end of the workshop. I love ethical business people. ;) :)

        I guess I’ll go with the other workshops first when I’ve gotten the money; I have my eye on a couple. One of them being this new one. :)

  2. Chong Go says:

    Hi Dean,
    How much overlap is there between the Originality workshop and the Ideas workshop? (I thought the ideas workshop had a ton of great stuff for cultivating originality. “Throw away the first four ideas” was revolutionary for me.

    • dwsmith says:

      There will be a little, not that much. Originality workshop will be advanced and on how to train yourself to not go for low hanging fruit, and how to think as an original fiction writer. Ideas workshop is more focused at how to stop the fear of finding ideas and how to transfer them into stories and novels. There is a minor amount of overlap, but Originality workshop will go so much farther.

      Put it this way. We decided to do the originality workshop because we had a room full of professional writers who have no problem at all coming up with billions of ideas, but were all having troubles with originality of those ideas they were deciding to write.

  3. I like the cover of Dust and Kisses. If I had seen that before, I might have used a different stock photo for my own story, To Love Again.

    • dwsmith says:

      Louis, using the same art from one of the sites doesn’t matter. You would be stunned at how often that kind of thing happened in New York. Trust me, it’s a big world out there and the key is the name and the look of the book. Art is just an added help and doesn’t matter if it’s used more than once or even a hundred times.

  4. Emily Casey says:

    Is Character Voice/Setting the same as the Character Voice workshop?

  5. Chong Go says:

    Hi Dean,
    Are there any developments with the Audiobook/ACX workshops? (I know you pulled that one because of the sudden royalty changes with ACX.)
    I haven’t really heard anything about the ACX situation after the initial outrage over the royalty cut. Do you have any thoughts about this you could share? Thanks!

    • dwsmith says:

      I don’t see us doing them in the future, to be honest. We tried a coast workshop for audio and four people signed up and we had to cancel it. On the online workshop I think we had two people signed up when ACX made the changes. There really wasn’t outrage over the royalty rates to be honest. But it changed the focus on getting royalty share with talent. So we are doing even more of our own now. Not pushing so hard on the royalty share side.

      We’re gaining on a hundred titles up in audio. I honestly don’t see it changing much on audio at all. Recording talent will use the royalty share less, so writers will either have to learn to do it themselves or pay someone up front to record and engineer it. Things were already headed that way before the change, this just pushed it a little.

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