November Challenge Books

Yeah, I know it’s January, but in a week or so I’ll have the December challenge books out, and then about two weeks after that I’ll have the January challenge books out. So those of you subscribing, expect a flood.  The paper copies are already mailed out and the electronic ones should be headed to subscribers in the next few hours.

Where have I been over the first twenty or so days of January?  Actually, doing a lot of different things, including a bunch of writing. And a trip to Nevada. But now I am back here and will be doing a bunch of posts here along with a number of new articles.

The workshops are doing great. The February online workshops will be firing up just after the first of the month and those will be fun.  Still a few spots left in all of the February ones if anyone is interested. Check the online workshop tab above for details. There are five different ones and people seem to be learning from them and enjoying them. And thanks, everyone for the feedback on the workshops. Much appreciated.

As for how the challenge books are doing, this group adds up to 38 short story books done since July.  All in trade paper editions as well as electronic. I am pricing the electronic editions of these short stories at $2.99 and the paper at $4.99. As I have said before, I did the paper editions just for me. I never expected the paper to sell at all, but they have. Not a lot, but regularly. Shocks me every month to be honest.

And the sales of the electronic editions have gone up at $2.99. I seldom sell the few stories I still have up at 99 cents (they will be changed out over the next month), but the ones at $2.99 sell regularly now and my income from the short stories has gone up steadily over the fall. (Yes, I am above the five copy per book average for these 38 challenge books. For you math-challenged, I get about $2.00 per sale, so that’s $10.00 per book per month x 38 or $380.00 per month for these challenge stories. I actually make more than that. As I said, I’m above the average.)

The story lengths are 2,400 words at the shortest to around 9,000 words max. Most fall around the 4,000 to 5,000 word length. I spent the extra few hours each to do them in paper because I love having something to hold in my hands. Electronic editions are fine for what they are, but I like to put a paper object on my shelf. And since I spend no extra money at all except the cost to order in the copies, it’s great fun.

Back shortly with a new article or two. And more news about writing, Fiction River, a new Lecture Series, and various publishing and distribution ventures.

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5 Responses to November Challenge Books

  1. Marimba Ani says:

    Wait, you sell (more than) five print copies of EACH short story, across all stores and regions, each MONTH?

    That’s amazing. Congratulations.

    (Did you add some extra content to the shorter stories (<3.5k-ish words, I guess)? If so, what? Did you add it also for the ebooks? Thanks!)

    • dwsmith says:

      Marimba, oh, heavens, no. I sell more than five copies total of each book average over the short stories I have up. I sell about one in print average per book over the 38 I have up, so about thirty to forty per month in print. The rest are electronic. And some of these are going into audio right now as well, so that will add in another source of sales.

      But I count all my sales per title across all the markets, including overseas to get that average of above five per title. And it is an average. I have a few titles that sold not one copy last month. (grin)

  2. Brad Warnes says:

    Those are great figures Dean.
    I have to admit that since stumbling across this site last year, you and Kris have been a great inspiration for me in my own endeavours. All those useful nuggets of advice and sharing of information about the wider industry & practices came at a great time for me.
    So many thanks to you both! (And now less web browsing and back to writing for me!)
    Wishing you every success as the year goes on, keep up the amazing work!

  3. John David Payne says:

    So how many for each month?

    • dwsmith says:

      I’ve been doing about eight per month, now I’m finally picking up speed. I’m trying to do upwards of 15 to 20 of these per month over the next few months.

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