Ran Through the Dry Creek Crossing novel tonight…

Kris is my first reader, and since both of us work on paper, she reads my books that way and when she spots a typo or something, she marks it.

That means I need to run through and fix the marks I agree with. She often catches other small issues I tend to have. And, of course, it is copyedited at WMG before going into print.

But tonight I was running through Dry Creek Crossing: A Thunder Mountain Novel I wrote in the third part of the challenge last month, getting it ready to be turned in with a Smith’s Monthly issue. Very, very few marks.

Kris had a question about a detail in the ending and I understood what she was saying and that took one line to make clear.

That was it. I wrote the entire novel writing into the dark and when I hit the last word I printed it and gave it to Kris. And tonight it took me all of thirty minutes to touch it for the final time.

Thirty minutes.

And I couldn’t even figure out where I had cut out one four thousand word strange loop where my two characters go exploring up into some old ghost towns in Central Idaho. And then come back to the exact same spot. I honestly don’t even remember why I would even have them do that, but clearly I needed to explore off in that area at the time.

Over the last few days I have gotten some interesting emails about the Writing into the Dark workshop. Most of have been great questions, but a few started off the question or letter with “I can’t…”

Not a thing I can say other than the old saw about every writer is different. And I honestly don’t care if anyone signs up for the workshop. On this one, I am going to record it anyway, even if only a few sign up. I figure that if there is a writer out there feeling lost, starting to hate writing because of the rewriting and outlining and all the crap people tell them that they have to do, then this workshop will be there to help if they have the courage to take it.

But as I have discovered over the last few days, most writers don’t think they need help and certainly, and I mean CERTAINLY don’t feel they need to change their writing system. After all, their system is working.

And that’s fine. I flat don’t want to force anyone to do anything with their writing they don’t want to do.

But that said, fear in writing is very powerful. I have talked about it in numbers of workshops, from editing to research to fantasy and others. Fear takes writers and bends them and eventually breaks them. I’ve watched it happen now for 40 years, sadly.

And the fear of not doing something “right” is the biggest and most deadly to this art of writing fiction.

I am pretty much the only writer talking about writing without rewriting and without outlining.

And I am pretty much the only writer who constantly says that writing should be fun, not work.

So by that measure, if I am outnumbered that much by the “common knowledge,” then I must be wrong.

But honestly, having fun and being challenged with telling a story and learning how to be a better storyteller is so much fun, I don’t care if I am wrong.



The Universe Between Bundle

I curated this bundle and I had great fun with it.

I loved living in that middle ground. All my writing falls in the middle ground between two places. Every story. Some more obviously than others, but without a doubt, every story or novel that I write, or every book or magazine I edit, falls in the “between” place.

This bundle not only helps a fantastic charity with Ablegamers.com, but it has some stunning novels by some great writers.

And it has an entire volume of Fiction River. A lot of short stories in there as well.

Give this one a look, folks. I think you will be very happy you did.



You should all have Smith’s Monthly #40 now. Both #41 and #42 are in the process and I will be turning in #43 this weekend.



This fall major business workshop was full, but as normal, when I started the email group this last week, a number of people had to drop out. Some for business reasons, some for health.

So after I announced this a couple days ago, one person signed up, so that leaves two spots open in the Master Business class for October 21st -28th. All top level business focused on indie publishing only. Write me if you are interested with what you are doing with your writing and where you want to go. The coast workshops are invite only.

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