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Where I Am Headed: New Goals

NEW GOALS! Some of you may have noticed that I have just been sort of tumbling along since the first of August, not completely focused and finding a ton of other stuff to do besides writing. (grin) All writers know … Continue reading

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Why I Haven’t Been Writing Many Publishing Blogs Lately

THE STUFF I’M NOT WRITING ABOUT (at the moment) I’ve gotten a few e-mails wondering when I was going to resume writing some of my different publishing blogs. And if so, when? The answer: Some of them, yes. And soon. But … Continue reading

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Full Year of Smith’s Monthly

I thought this looked kind of cool. Who knew I could actually get all of the first year out and on time? (#12 shipping later this month.) And I’m still going strong. Fun! It’s in grayscale because it’s an ad … Continue reading

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Great Deal on Books From Anderson, Sanderson, Resnick, McCaffrey, and Rusch

Folks, you DO NOT want to miss this bundle if you are a science fiction fan.  Stunning group of novels put together. Also, Jay Lake has one of his last projects in this bundle and the sales of the bundle … Continue reading

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For five straight years, my wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, has written a Thursday business blog. She NEVER missed a week. And her blogs were not like my daily ones. Her blogs were three or four thousand word essays or articles on … Continue reading

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New Report On Author Earnings

Well, folks, this will knock your socks off. As many of us suspected, this data, even if half right, is a stunner. So here’s the site to get the full article and how it was done and to add in … Continue reading

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First Data Out for 2012

For those of you who like facts instead of myths, here is a little data compiled by the the American Association of Publishers (AAP). The survey every month 1200 publishers (but do not have data from smaller indie publishers). They … Continue reading

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The Ghost Novel Writing Is On for Next Week

As I have said a few times over the last six months, I was hired to write a ghost novel for a major author. I will never tell anyone who the author is or even why I am writing this … Continue reading

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Doing Taxes

If you wondered what happened to me over the last few days, I’m doing taxes. (grump) Now, normally I would do taxes right before the 15th of April and often while watching the Masters. But alas, this year we started … Continue reading

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Great Audio Fun for Me

I now have four of my short stories in electronic, trade paper, and audio editions. And more coming. Most of you know because of my regular posts, I’ve been moving my short fiction into new covers with trade paper editions. … Continue reading

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