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Where I Am Headed: New Goals

NEW GOALS! Some of you may have noticed that I have just been sort of tumbling along since the first of August, not completely focused and finding a ton of other stuff to do besides writing. (grin) All writers know … Continue reading

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Why I Haven’t Been Writing Many Publishing Blogs Lately

THE STUFF I’M NOT WRITING ABOUT (at the moment) I’ve gotten a few e-mails wondering when I was going to resume writing some of my different publishing blogs. And if so, when? The answer: Some of them, yes. And soon. But … Continue reading

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Full Year of Smith’s Monthly

I thought this looked kind of cool. Who knew I could actually get all of the first year out and on time? (#12 shipping later this month.) And I’m still going strong. Fun! It’s in grayscale because it’s an ad … Continue reading

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Great Deal on Books From Anderson, Sanderson, Resnick, McCaffrey, and Rusch

Folks, you DO NOT want to miss this bundle if you are a science fiction fan.  Stunning group of novels put together. Also, Jay Lake has one of his last projects in this bundle and the sales of the bundle … Continue reading

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For five straight years, my wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, has written a Thursday business blog. She NEVER missed a week. And her blogs were not like my daily ones. Her blogs were three or four thousand word essays or articles on … Continue reading

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New Report On Author Earnings

Well, folks, this will knock your socks off. As many of us suspected, this data, even if half right, is a stunner. So here’s the site to get the full article and how it was done and to add in … Continue reading

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The Ghost Novel Writing Is On for Next Week

As I have said a few times over the last six months, I was hired to write a ghost novel for a major author. I will never tell anyone who the author is or even why I am writing this … Continue reading

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RIP Anne McCaffrey

Over the past thirty years I had some wonderful times hanging around with Anne at conventions. Didn’t really know her that well besides all the fun parties and a few dinners I got to share with her over the decades. … Continue reading

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