Writing in Public: Month 8, Day 5

Month 8, Day 5 of this Writing in Public challenge.

Unlike yesterday, today I wasted a ton of time on stuff that turned out to be pointless. Ahh, well, nature of the beast sometimes.

Rolled out too early once again, still having trouble getting the schedule back into place. But getting closer by the day.

Worked on some stuff around here, did some e-mail, and put up the post on that fantastic bundle that Kris is in with eight other major fantasy writers. (Details right below this.) Stunning amount of great reading for very little money. When you can get an original Neil Gaiman “American Gods” story plus all the other novels and stories, you just can’t go wrong.

Then headed off to the snail mail and then to the WMG offices. I worked there with Allyson and she did a great job finally branding my Poker Boy stories. I’ll be redoing a bunch of them.

After she got the cover for The Slots of Saturn: A Poker Boy novel done, I took the art work and did the cover for #7 Smith’s Monthly coming out in April.

Pretty nifty. Not only will it have a Poker Boy novel, but an original Poker Boy story in it. And maybe a second one. We shall see. I suppose all the fiction besides the serials could be Poker Boy.  Hmmm.

Then I made it home by 5 p.m. and did more e-mail and then headed for the nap with the white cat, dinner, news, and dishes at 6 p.m.

Got back into this office around 8:30 p.m. and did the last of the workshop stuff for the week. March Online workshops are just staring up this week, still time to jump in. Openings in every one of the workshops.

Then I lost another hour or so trying to work on something outside of writing. Finally made it over to the writing computer and fixed the Poker Boy short story for #7. Got it ready. That took about 45 minutes and got me about 500 new words.

Then at 11:30 p.m. I headed to the television room downstairs to watch The Voice from yesterday. Didn’t make it back up here until 1:30 a.m.  Tired. I still don’t have the sleep schedule shifted.

So instead of plowing into the novella I need done, I did some searching through old files and spotted a novel that I’ve been wanting to write and Kris has been wanting me to write.  There is nothing written on it at all, just a few page proposal I did for an editor in some distant past in traditional publishing. I have the letter from the editor, who loved the idea, but thought it too strange. Now there’s a surprise.

The novel is in my Captain Brian Saber universe, or as I like to call it, my “Old People In Space” stories. I have a number of short stories done already in that universe, so I’ll have to ignore those and just write this story, or try to make this novel fit the short fiction.

Not a clue which I’ll do. I’ll think about it. More than likely ignore the short fiction and just let the novel be what the novel wants to be.

But the idea of writing the book has me excited just from the proposal I did about fifteen years ago. I had remembered doing the proposal, but my memory had it as a short story, and I have been annoyed I couldn’t find the story anywhere. That’s because I never wrote it, just detailed out the story in the novel proposal.

I doubt that when I write the novel I’ll even look at the proposal again. I remember enough of it to make a run at the idea. First time I won’t be entirely writing into the dark on a book in a long time. That might be interesting.

Anyhow, in all the goofing with older projects and working on other stuff, I only managed another 700 words on three things for a total word count of the day of 1,200 words. And I still haven’t started either novel, and only have about 1,200 words on the novella. Digging a deadline hole here. (grin)

At least I got a cover done. And got myself excited about a novel to write.

Tomorrow, after the meetings at WMG, will be better on word count.


Totals For Month 8, Day 5

— Daily Fiction: 1,200 words. Fiction month-to-date: 5,400 words

— Nonfiction: 00 new words. Nonfiction month-to-date total: 400 words

— Blog Posts: 500 new words. Blog month-to-date word count: 1,900 words

— E-mail: 32 e-mails. Approx. 1,550 new words. E-mails month-to date: 145 e-mails. Approx. 5,250 words

— Covers Designed and Finished: 1. Covers finished month-to-date: 1 Covers

For projects finished in the first seven months (in a day or so I’ll have February in there) and links to the posts, click on the Writing in Public tab above.

For projects finished in the first seven months and links to the posts, click on the Writing in Public tab above.

For projects finished this month and where you can read them, click continue reading below.

Stories and Projects Finished This Month So Far

In order of production with the most recent at the top.


—Finished The Slots of Saturn: A Poker Boy novel. It will appear in Smith’s Monthly #7 in April and in June in book form. 58,000 words.

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5 Responses to Writing in Public: Month 8, Day 5

  1. Mary Jo Rabe says:

    I would love to read a novel in the Brian Saber universe – almost as much as one in the “Jukebox” universe!

  2. Gary Speer says:

    I absolutely LOVE your “Old People in Space” stories. (Probably because I’m rapidly becoming an old person and can enjoy the particular fantasies you hit with ’em.) Go, Captain Brian Saber, Go!

  3. Joseph Bradshire says:

    I like the Saberverse. Oldies traveling through time to younger bodies. With I could do that, and I’m only 35.

  4. Chong Go says:

    Wow! That new Smith’s Monthly cover is great!

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