Last Master Business Class…

That’s right, the 2020 Master Business Class will be the last one. So it will fill quickly.

You can see the 2019 Master Business Class information and the dates for the 2020 Master Business Class at

The one we just finished was fantastic, and we know next year will be as well, with a focus on even more licensing and audio advances and a ton more stuff that is cool and cutting edge for writers. (I took over thirty pages of notes this year.)

We will announce guest instructors for 2020 as we get them, but for the moment take a look at the web site to see who was there this last week. And this year Joanna Penn was in the class and helped us on stage once as well.

So one more year on the Master Business Class. It will be very different from this year, as happens every year. And then we are done.

No more Master Business Classes after next fall.

As with many things and workshops Kris and I do, things change, get retired, and we move on.

So don’t miss 2020. To sign up, write me and you can pay the fee through Paypal. Information on the web site.