The Author Problem… Pop-Up #9 on Teachable…

I recorded it about four weeks ago before things went crazy with life, and so when I went back to put it up, it dawned on me that just about all writers need to hear this one. So we decided to make it free.

And there is a story prompt for you to do a story from. Just don’t send this story in.

I also loaded the first five of the twelve videos from the Pop-Up on YouTube. But the only place you can see all 12 videos is on Teachable.

And speaking of new stuff on Teachable, we moved four regular workshops to Classic Status. We needed to make room in the regular monthly schedules for new workshops like the Emotion one that is going on right now.

So the four that are now in Classic status are:


–Writing Fantasy


–Writing Mystery

For you folks who are lifetime subscribers, I left the old regular workshops there in case you wanted to do the assignments, plus added the classic ones as well. So both of each workshop are in your subscription. (So only way to get me to respond to assignments on those four workshops now is be a lifetime subscriber.)

So here is the first video from Pop-Up #9… The Author Problem.

Get all the videos free on Teachable.