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Working On Pricing Post

Plus Working On Workshop Stuff Last Call for the October Online workshops that are starting. Still room in all of them. Online Workshops I will announce officially with description the new online Novel Structure workshop tomorrow while posting the November workshops. Actually I now have workshops posted out until April for those thinking of taking advantage […]

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The New World of Publishing: E-Book Pricing

On a number of different email lists over the last four or five months there have been discussions on ebook pricing. Joe Konrath is a defender of the $2.99 novel price, while traditional publishers are keeping their prices in the $7.99 to $15.99 range depending on how new the book is. And on these lists […]

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The Myths of Fiction Writing Lectures

Fiction Writing Myths Lecture Series… The first five lectures on the myths of fiction writing are now available on There will be twenty lectures total, twenty different myths in four different lecture bundles. This first bundle of five lectures we are calling Creation. There will be three other bundles of five lectures each, totally […]

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