Going To Phrase It A Little Differently Tonight…

Fact: You sold all rights to your book, signed them all away in some contract that seemed like a good idea at the time. Your book no longer exists in your magic bakery.

Now, a corporation owns your book, is doing nothing with it, and you can’t get it back. It is an accounting number on their financial bookkeeping. All your work is gone. Poof. Because you made a bad decision and signed over all rights for the life of the copyright.

(All the writers I saw in Barnes&Noble did that, sadly.)

Question: When can you or your heirs publish that book?

If you answer was never, you need to learn copyright. Desperately need to learn copyright.

The actual answer in the United States is in 35 years from the date of the contract, if you jump through some hoops that are not hard, but need to be followed. You or your heirs can get the copyright you signed away back if done right. Takes an IP attorney, of course. You can also clear out your agent or their heirs at that point.

Second time your heirs can once again publish the work is 70 years after your death. That’s right, the book will be in the public domain at that point and your heirs can publish it all they want, just like everyone else.

And that is enough for this topic because last night no one cared, as is typical of any copyright discussion.  Night…

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