Writer Michael La Ronn Video…

Michael La Ronn, a fine writer of a lot of great books who also does a great podcast, is doing a series on YouTube about writing books, and he featured my book Writing into the Dark. 

At first I thought this would be a sort of review, and since I don’t tend to read or watch reviews, good or bad, of my own work, I had thanked him and not watched what he had done. Then a friend watched it and said it was so much more than a review and I needed to watch it.

So I did.

And it is so much more than a review. Wow.

Michael takes the concepts of Writing into the Dark, which he has tested over many books, and adds to it, talks about it, and actually adds a level of explanation into Writing into the Dark that only a professional writer could add.

His goal is to help all of you become better writers. Exactly what I was trying to do as well with the book.

So folks, my suggestion is that you start following Michael, both on his writing podcast The Writer’s Journey, and his YouTube videos, as well as his great fiction.

And as a sample of how he can take a simple book like mine and give it even more meaning, watch this. It might help you have more fun with your writing.

Thanks, Michael, for the great work on helping others understand Writing into the Dark. Very much appreciated.