On My Little iPad…

Since my office in the condo in Las Vegas is not set up yet, I was sitting at the table in our condo dining room working on something when Kris got this picture as I was paying no attention.

Since today I spent all day shuttling cars around here on the Oregon Coast (returning rental car, having our Cadillac tuned up), and in meetings at WMG and stores and cleaning up stuff, I figured I would just do something easy here tonight. So here comes the picture.

You can see the mountains to the west of Vegas through the shades.

And I had a fun dinner with friends tonight here on the coast. They are making sure I am fed while up here on the coast working. (grin)

And fun find tonight here in the house… An original Star Wars full one-sheet poster of the first movie. Not a copy, but the original. We had it framed a long time back and it was sitting in our wine cellar in the dark for decades. Forgot all about it. Fun find.

And yes, we will be selling it, but it won’t be cheap. (grin)