I Spent Many Hours Today Looking For One of My Own Stories…

Not kidding. You see, I write so many short stories, no chance I can even begin to remember a small number of them. But today I wanted to put together a brand new Poker Boy collection to premier in a new Storybundle coming out in two weeks. Kris has a brand new novella in it, never seen before as well.

So this Storybundle will have Sorcery and Steam themed books in it and I remembered clearly writing a Poker Boy story where a goddess in fighting armor has to deal with Poker Boy. So I wanted that in the collection to be in the bundle.

I could not remember the title of the story, so WMG sent me a list of all regularly published Poker Boy stories through them and also a spreadsheet of all the Poker Boy stories in Smith’s Monthly over the 44 issues.

It wasn’t any of those thirty-plus Poker Boy stories.

So then I started looking through my writing computer files.

I found three Thunder Mountain stories that have never seen print that are great novel starts and stand alone as short stories, seven more unpublished Poker Boy stories that have never seen print anywhere, and about forty other stories that are unpublished because I wrote them in this last year and will get them in Smith’s Monthly when it fires back up here shortly.

That’s right, I found well over fifty unpublished short stories (I suckl at Heinlein’s Rule #4) all written in the last 18 months. But I could not find that one story I wanted.

I had finally given up and wrote Allyson to see if she could remember the story from the plot. Kris could remember it. But the story didn’t seem to exist. I didn’t feel sick anymore, so I was sure I wasn’t hallucinating the story. Although, it was a Poker Boy story, so anything was possible.

Then as I was about to call it a night, after hours of chastising myself for being so bad at rule #4, it dawned on me that in the last numbers of years I had written a lot of short stories for invite anthologies. Usually quickly and to a deadline.

So to my brag shelf I went and there it was, in a Baen anthology edited by Esther Friesner back in 2015. So with the title in hand, I was able to search through my old writing computer and find the story. It will be in the new collection, now, and in Smith’s Monthly sometime this next year.

But what a strange few hours. I am so prolific, even on a bad year, I can’t keep track of all my work. I lose published stories and find over fifty unpublished. Got a hunch I will find more.

See what happens when you just enjoy writing?