Judge Bubba’s Christmas Letters.

I mentioned this book last year and wanted to suggest it again this year because you will not only feel good reading these Christmas letters, but laugh and identify with much of it.

Basically, you know the typical form letter you get from family or friends at Christmas?

Well, these ain’t nothing close to typical. Judge Bubba decided the standard Christmas letter might be a little staid, so instead of polishing up and ignoring the funny or bad stuff of the year, he just puts it out there in a sort of story.

Actually, a really funny story.

Every year for twenty-one years.

And this book collects them.

And yes, this gentleman really is a judge. I have not met him yet, but one day hope to (in a bar, not in front of his bench) after reading his letters for the last number of years.

So I wanted to share this wonderful Christmas treat here with everyone. Run out and grab this one. You’ll be smiling for the rest of the year and wishing you had relatives like Judge Bubba. The Amazon link to it is here.

Have a great holiday season.