All We Did Was Walk Into a Store…

As we climbed out of the car this evening, Kris asked me, “Are you ready for a trip to the 1990s?”

And wow was she right.

The Barnes&Noble bookstore was in a late 1990’s strip mall. Modern, but still dated in architecture. And when we walked through the door, we really did step back in time. Decorations, layout, everything.


And even more frightening, the authors on the front fiction display table were the same authors that would have been there in the late 1990s.

So we roamed around for a time and honestly it was fun to explore in shelves of books. I’m old-fashioned that way, so the trip into the past felt very familiar and that was sort of comforting to an old guy like me.

Kris stumbled on one book for me, a western reference book, that I never would have found online. Otherwise, I bought three new Cussler novels that I easily could have gotten online, one of which was a $6 hardback on the clearance rack. And Kris found one book she also could have easily gotten online and would have if she hadn’t stumbled on it in the store.

I left the store and returned to 2018, telling Kris as we climbed back into our car that I hoped that B&N can manage to survive. But sadly, today was a major shopping day and the store had very few people in it. Kris asked the clerk how Black Friday sales were and she said, “It was steady.”

Oh, oh.. Not a good sign.

I hope the chain can find a way out of bad management, a path forward in 2018. But I fear from my one excursion tonight into the past, the folks running the chain don’t realize the century has turned and they are grasping tightly to 1998.

Just can’t see a way that 1998 in the book industry can be a successful business in 2018.

But I can hope, because it was fun to walk into the past for a short time tonight.