I’ve been noticing lately how I am feeding the creative voice by simply doing something a little different from my normal schedule at times. I seem to have the most trouble in the winter because of the light and the rain. So winter I really need to mix things up some.

And regularly.

Now I have a life that compared to most is pretty mixed to start with. I am the CFO of WMG, I tend to help out picking for all three of our stores and working with the three managers, I am exercising some, and writing and publishing my challenge.

So busy I am, but even that can drop into a rut and a simple trip to the valley (an hour away) to pick and watch a movie and have a nice dinner breaks up the sameness.

And I see people I would never see otherwise. And as a writer, I love to just watch people and make up stories about them from the clues they are giving me.

Remember last year I spent five days in a hotel room writing a novel right at this time of year? Well, this year I am back, not writing because only going to be here a few days and I flew instead of drove. But I am in Las Vegas for a few days to do research on a ton of different stuff.

Now I know Las Vegas pretty well, considering that I have been here playing cards off-and-on since 1972. So I don’t need fact research, or what I could get from a picture or a map. I need the “doing something different” and “feeling the place” and “seeing the people” research.

Only for a few days. More than enough. And sure, I will play a few tournaments while here as well. Maybe pay for the research trip.

So my research isn’t what you would think of as a beginning writer’s idea of research. I go for the experience, to shake things up, to feel the air and feed the creative voice. I don’t come up with ideas since I don’t care and I write into the dark. So I am feeding that creative voice that allows me to write into the dark.

This adventure is a few days in Las Vegas after a two hour plane flight. Next week it will be an adventure to a different restaurant in the valley somewhere.

Adventure. Critical to feed the creative voice.

And a ton of fun I might add.


Weekender Pop-Up Online Workshops Are Now Up on Teachable.

A couple of these are about half full.

February 15-18, 2018

— Controlling Fear of Failure
— How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)

March 15-18th

— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— Making a Living in 2018/19 With Your Fiction
— Controlling Fear of Failure

April 12-15th

— The Indie Game. (Roll-play your way through ten years of decisions as an Indie Writer.)
— How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)
— Adding Tension to Your Writing
— (tba)

January and February Online Workshops Are Now Up on Teachable.

All January first and second week videos are now available. AND YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP AND JUMP INTO JANUARY. I will shut it down next Monday. March will be on Teachable shortly after that.

If you have credits from the Kickstarter, you need to write me to sign up. You can also sign up through me and use Paypal just like normal. Or you can go directly to Teachable and sign up there for any workshop using either Paypal or a credit card.

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Class #1… Jan 2nd … Depth #3: Research
Class #2… Jan 2nd … Author Voice
Class #3… Jan 2nd … Business
Class #4… Jan 2nd … Writing into the Dark
Class #5… Jan 2nd … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #6… Jan 2nd … Think Like a Publisher
Class #7… Jan 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #8… Jan 3rd … Advanced Character and Dialog
Class #9… Jan 3rd … (empty)
Class #10… Jan 3rd … Pacing Your Novel
Class #11… Jan 3rd … Novel Structure
Class #12… Jan 3rd … Writing Fantasy

Class #13… Feb 6th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #14… Feb 6th … Endings
Class #15… Feb 6th … Point of View
Class #16… Feb 6th … Writing Mysteries
Class #17… Feb 6th … Speed
Class #18… Feb 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #19… Feb 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #20… Feb 7th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #21… Feb 7th … Character Development
Class #22… Feb 7th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #23… Feb 7th … Advanced Depth
Class #24… Feb 7th … Novel Structure

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