Kris Gave Me A Pass on Killing Me…

Because I wanted to bring home a new kitten. Cute 12 week old red-point Siamese. At first glance I thought it was a Birman, which we have been looking for. Close, very close in looks. But she gave me a pass at my attempt because I’m recovering from the nasty virus and not thinking clearly. (grin)

So we still just have Cheeps (a Birman) and Gavin (a part Siamese). Pictures below.

And another reason, Gavin, with his Siamese exposed, ran around the house the entire time I was sick yelling because a human had the bed. We do not need two opinionated Siamese.

I did not get all my email answered. Sorry about that. Will get caught up tomorrow. For now enjoy the cat pictures.

Cheeps (Pure red-point Birman)