Doing this from my new iPad

…with attached keyboard. Yeah, I know a lot of you are just going “So…”

But after over 1,700 of these nightly blogs in a row, this is the first one I have done on anything but my huge iMac. (Now that all by itself is a record.)

Since I am going to be in Las Vegas and in Lincoln City, both, I figured I better learn how to have a little flexibility if I want to really keep going on these nightly blogs. You know, come into 2018 like the rest of the tech-based country. (Grin)

I teach a great deal about breaking old ways of doing things, of being uncomfortable in the learning, and here I am tonight breaking old ways and being a little uncomfortable. But learning quickly that this nifty keyboard is almost better than the one I have on my writing computer because I seem to be able to type faster on this thing. Wow, go figure.

So now you all have been officially been practiced at. (I know, practice to writers is a swear word but I did it anyway, right out here in the open so you could all be shocked and cover your eyes and yell “Don’t look, Ethel!”

Sorry, bad reference to a really bad song.  All this practice is making me punchy.