I Did a Tip of the Week…

On how and why bestselling authors give bad advice to young writers.

So in a very quick post here, I thought I would list a few reasons that come to me off the top of my head.

1… It was how the bestseller learned in the last century, so beginning writers should learn the same way, even though that is not how the bestselling writer actually works now.

2… It seems like a good way to train beginning writers (like the no adverb silliness).

3… The author is not talking to other authors, but to readers. (Writing as work and rewrite myth comes out of this one.)

4… The author hasn’t bothered to keep up with the new publishing world, so any advice is thirty years dated. (Telling beginners to get agents comes out of this area.)

5… Author is tired of the stupid questions. (Hemingway writing standing up is the prime example of this.)

6… Author hounded to do a writing book even though they don’t want to. (This happens more than you can imagine and thus spreads really bad advice.)

I am sure there are a bunch more… Just thought I would list a few for fun.