Haven’t Missed a Day Writing…

But have missed a couple of mornings.

For example, I missed this morning going to the buffet for my writing sessions because I had an appointment with my audiologist at noon to get me to the next step with my new hearing aides. I am now supposed to wear them as much as possible, meaning all the time.

My phone is now linked to them and I can answer the phone through them, and listen to music and news shows and you name it. Let me simply say, “Cool!”

And in a crowded room, like at a table at a restaurant, I can put my phone on the table and it can serve as a microphone for me to hear. “Double cool!”

Now we shall see if they stay in while I am running and if they do I can use them for running music. Test to come on that.

And as I mentioned before, the world around me has a ton more depth. I’m hearing sounds I didn’t even know existed.

So tonight, since I missed this morning, I got to my writing computer here in my office and did a thousand words. I’ve been doing that on some days even when I hit my morning session.

Not at all sure how much more on the book I have to go. But I think it should wrap up next week, within the 20 days allowed. Then those fine folks who have been hanging on with me who signed up to follow this challenge last September will get an uncorrected copy, then it will be in Smith’s Monthly and my Patreon supporters who have hung on through the last year will get a copy of those volumes early as well. (All new short stories in Smith Monthly issues as well.)

And yes, I am making progress on the Make 100 Kickstarter stories. Still working on the web site and then will start into the stories. Nifty stuff planned from there, but a redesign of this web site will happen suddenly one day. It needs it badly. (grin)

So, in other words, I am having a blast and it feels great to be back writing regularly. And Kris’s idea of me ramping up into the larger challenge seems to be working just fine so far. Nifty.

And for no reason at all, since this won’t be for sale for some time, here is the cover of the book I am working on again. But if you like mystery, you can read all the other eight books in the series (they all stand alone) if you want. Go to Cold Poker Gang to see the list.