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New Future Series of Workshops Starting Up

A Really Fun Series of Workshops… Starts on Wednesday… We spend so much time on all these workshops helping writers become better storytellers and better at business, but we haven’t spent that much time helping writers deal with their futures and the future of their writing business. And to be honest, we get really tired […]

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2019 Anthology Workshop and 2019 Master Business Class

Both Have Openings… Over the next few days I will be starting the 2019 Anthology Workshop group list. And sending out hotel information and first story information. Now granted, the workshop doesn’t happen until March 1st through 5th in Las Vegas. But there is three weeks of writing three stories at the end of November […]

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No Time

Watching World Series… 17 Innings and still going, so used all my blog time for that and still didn’t get to see the end, since I have to be up early for a run tomorrow. And I don’t even much like baseball on television or either team for that matter. But 17 innings. Wow, that […]

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