Doing A BookBub Promotion…

Not often you click on a page of one of your books on Amazon and the rankings are #1 all the way down the lists.

This is an example of how to use “free” correctly.

We made Kill Game: A Cold Poker Gang Novel free for a Bookbub promotion. It is the first book in the series. At the moment (Noon Saturday) it is featured as the top book in the Free Books on Bookbub.

On Amazon it is #1 in all the free books on the entire site.

Now, we are not making a dime off of that book, but nice that people are downloading it. But the key is the other six books, plus a bundle, in the series. All of them cost to buy. On just the sales of those in a few hours we have more than made the price of the Bookbub promotion back.

And brought up the awareness of the series to mystery readers.

So you want to start into my Cold Poker Gang mystery series, you can get Kill Game right now for free on any store around the world. But if I catch you with the series and you want more, I must warn you, you have to pay for the rest of the books. (grin)

Take a look at the entire series here. Click on Kill Game to go to it and find links to your favorite stores where it is free.