My Best Advice I Can Give?…

The comments over the past few days have been fun. Thanks, everyone who left a comment.

I help a lot of writers learn in a lot of detail about specific areas of writing through the workshops. But if I had to boil it all down in some general way, here are my suggestions…

1… Read for pleasure.

2… Enjoy writing and telling a story.

3… Write only stories that you feel passionate about and that will entertain you.

4… Be passionate about wanting to keep learning.

All the rest is a shrug.

If you want my advice on the business of professional writing, that is simple. Follow Heinlein’s Rules and never fall off. You won’t be able to do it, but try and by trying to stay on those rules, you will find yourself being successful over time.

All the rest is a fad for the moment, a detail to be learned, and again, a shrug.