Partially Successful…

So a good start. No writing, almost 12,000 steps, did some running, and got the food intake under control. Tomorrow I will add in the writing, get over 12,000 steps, and repeat the rest.

Tonight, while walking, I set a new goal for myself, longer term than just 100 days for the weight. I want to hit 167 pounds, with luck by October 1st. If I do that, it will mean I have lost 100 pounds since my heaviest. So a great goal.

I also want to be able to do ten pull-ups at that point at least. Can’t do one right now. Not a one. So got work to do on upper body strength as the weight goes down.

Kris and I worked on more stuff from the Licensing Expo at lunch today and I did five more videos tonight and have them live on the Licensing. I knew I was going to learn a lot, but this is just crazy amounts. What fantastic fun.

So off to bed so I can get up fairly early, get into the Main Street Station Buffet and get some writing done. (Yes, I will be able to watch my eating in there.)