Starting In One Week…

First off, those of you got the special How to Write a Holiday Story workshop will be getting a letter from me later this week with the ability to pick which of the two sessions (December or January) you want to take and a code for both.

So hold on for that. December session will start on Tuesday.

The regular December workshops also start on Tuesday and here is the list.

Class #51… Dec 3rd … Endings
Class #52… Dec 3rd … Attitude
Class #54… Dec 3rd … Speed
Class #55… Dec 3rd … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… Dec 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #59… Dec 4th… Information Flow

You can sign up for the regular workshops or other Classic workshops or lectures on Teachable.

I will have up the schedule for January-March shortly. I hope to do a new regular workshop in February since the four months of special workshops will be finished by then. If you have a suggestion for a six-week workshop you think would be fun, write me.

Right now I am looking at a possible Writing Romance workshop, maybe a Power Words workshop, an Advanced Pacing workshop, a Floating Viewpoint workshop, and a couple others. So any suggestions or wants and desires, let me know.

And the seven new Classic workshops will all be loaded by the weekend. Two of them are up now. Research and Author Voice.

Again, all on: