The Dilemma of Focus and Choice…

I got a hunch this will be very familiar to many, if not all of you.

Right now, in this new life here in Las Vegas, I have been focusing first (and with a lot of attention) on ramping up brand new habits of writing. Writing in the mornings. I have talked about that and actually it is working so far.

But it is taking a focus.

And I noticed today that the focus on the writing has taken away the focus on the running and exercise. Now, I am still getting over 10,000 steps per day. So that level of exercise is still in place. But not once in the last few weeks have I gone to the gym with the idea to run.

And even more annoying, my weight has stabilized instead of going down.

So why did the writing focus take away the running and weight-loss focus? My theory is that this writing focus is taking a lot more mental attention than my old writing habit of writing late at night. Since I had written that way for so many decades, it just came naturally, like walking.

Now, I am learning how to walk again, which is why I had such troubles this fall. Not learning how to write again, got all that, just the part about “getting to” the writing. That is the focus.

And the running takes the exact same kind of focus. Exactly. A focus to “get to” something. And I guess in my poor brain, at the moment, there is only room for one major focus.

My sense is that after a little time, like another week or two at most, I will be used to the morning writing routine and it will not take the focus anymore to do it. I will just do it automatically. Almost there now.

Then I can take the focus and move it back to the running, which needs a strong and long-term focus before that will become a habit like it is with Kris.

Anyhow, no real point to all of this, other than I am finding this an interesting dilemma. And figured some of you might have the same battle going on as well in different areas, where one area has to fade for a short time to let another area focus come to the front.

Annoying having to make the choice.