I Heard This Two Days Ago…

And flat couldn’t believe that such silliness was out there, so I went and looked, and yup, it’s a real thing. And sadly, writers of all levels are believing it. And this myth is stopping them cold. Or worse yet, sending them toward traditional publishing.

I know if I believed it, I would be stopped.

So what is this new myth???

“It takes four to five thousand dollars to publish an indie book.”

Total and complete hogwash, and folks if you see this myth somewhere, do a tap-dance on the head of the idiot who is spreading it. This is a very, very dangerous myth to new writers.

Frighteningly dangerous.

What is the truth? (I know, in this age, truth is a tough thing, and facts are even worse, but going to use those terms anyway.)

Step one: Writer is done with novel. (50,000 words)

Step two: Writer finds a copyeditor to help with typos and such. Cost around $250. (If someone is charging you more than that, go to your local library or college and find someone who will help you with typos and such for $250 for a 50,000 word novel.)

Step three: Purchase Vellum. (One time purchase, get the $249 version for both ebooks and paperback formatting.) Learn how to use it (very simple) and format your book. Cost? If you are going to use it for say 10 books, your cost is about $25.00 per book.

Step four: Sign up for InDesign and learn how to do covers. Cost is $20.99 per month. If you are going to do four books per year, that is about $63.00 per book in costs to do your covers.

Step five: Go to a royalty free art sight and find a piece of art for your cover, get the license. From $1 to $20 per cover. So say $20.

Step six: Load the formatted version of the novel to Amazon, Kobo, D2D, and maybe one or two others. Cost: Free.

Load the formatted paperback to Kindle Print. Cost: Free.

Buy a copy of your paper book for your shelf. Cost $10 maybe.

So your book is now published around the world and in paperback.

The total cost is… About $360. For a novel. 

I figured since I am doing about 50 short story paperbacks per month, I have InDesign and Vellum, my total cost to put up a short story, including proofing, is about $30 per short story. (I only pay $1.00 for an art license.)

And $30 is high.

I sell them all over the world for $2.99 electronic and $4.99 paper. So I have to sell about 15 total to break even.

So kill this Four-to-Five Thousand Dollar a book myth. Too damn stupid for words.