Going Fine…

Afraid to say too much here early on because of the three misses last fall. But so far this new writing schedule is working as I had planned and hoped.

I made it to the restaurant 5 of the last 8 days, and wrote every day some. Worst day was only 600 words, best days over 3,000. But my focus is now back on writing every day and that feels wonderful.

After eight days, the novel is at just over 15,000 words, so not averaging 2,000 words a day as I wanted, but close and I’ll take it in start-up with new schedule.

I have written some almost every evening as well, taking what I wrote on the iPad and putting it in one file on my writing computer. So writing 1,500 words or so in the morning, then a few hundred more in the evening. Seems to work fine.

And I think this pace can pick up without much issue. Feels like its going to, actually. I would like to get to over 2,000 every morning as a baseline, then another 1,000 to 2,000 either during the day or evening. Maybe in a week or two. I am not rushing it.

So that is the progress on this Friday night.