I Am Reading a Ton Right Now…

Everyone who is attending the Anthology Workshop the first five days of March is doing the same thing.

And every year, as we do this, I notice things. Back when Denise Little and I used to do this workshop, just the two of us, and it was a long weekend, I noticed that writers uniformly couldn’t pull readers into their stories.

So the Depth in Writing regular workshop was created and trust me, that is not an issue any more. (We offer it every month. Next time up in March.)

But over the last couple years I have been noticing that a lot of stories, while amazingly well-written, stories that held me to the very last word, lacked emotion.

You know the story. Well plotted, good character, interesting idea, but when you are done you go “Nice story.” And then forget it a minute later.

Kris and I over the last few years have mentioned that an Emotion Regular Workshop might be an idea. But we felt that few would sign up. (No one thinks they really need it, like Pacing or Information Flow, even though most writers have no idea what they don’t know.)

And it would be really difficult to teach, especially at the level of Writing with Depth. We would have to do that the same way, with examples of text with and without emotion. And Depth in Writing would be a prerequisite.

So even though we are doing a Future’s Workshop starting in March and the last of that series in May, I think with what I am seeing in all this reading, Emotion might just come in there.

Still working on if and when.

Also thinking about a Western’s workshop, a workshop on Time Travel, a Romance workshop, a Memorable Characters workshop, some advanced Pacing workshops, and others.

So going to be a fun year of new workshops.

Now back to working on the new web site and reading.

And at the same time getting my new computer set up. (I lost two hours of my life today that I will never get back on dealing with Microsoft issues. Yes, I use Mac computers. And after those two hours, I flat understand why.)