Exercise and Health…

One thing I have noticed with some pleasure is that many of you have told me you are not only writing, but focusing on getting some exercise each day. That is critical in my opinion to long-term writing.

So a few things about movement to think about.

Get up every hour from your computer, stare off into the distance, stretch. Even before that, make sure your computer set-up is good, meaning feet flat on the floor, arms supported, eyes looking directly at the screen.

Yeah, I know, laptops on couches are your thing. And spending time in doctor’s offices will be as well if you keep that up too much without regular movement, and I do mean every thirty to forty minutes. If you are writing in a bad position like on a couch or chair, you have to move more often to avoid injury. That simple.

A suggestion. Drink a lot of tea or coffee while writing. A large mug before you start, more while you are writing. That will get you moving regularly. (grin)

Another reason to get away from a computer screen regularly is your eyes. I only have one good eye and straining that scares me to death. So make sure you rest your eyes before you end up like me or worse.

As far as larger exercise, Kris and I use a Fitbit to track our steps. I bought one that is on my wrist to track a ton more than steps, including heart-rate and such. Kris runs more than I do, but as I lose weight I am slowly picking up the running. I do make sure I get over 10,000 steps per day. Kris has a higher number.

I also have two friends I am in a challenge with to lose weight. Every time I lose five pounds and keep it off for a full month, they both have to write a $100 check to a kid’s charity we support. I do the same if they lose five pounds. The kids are getting some money.

Yes, moving around takes time. Exercising takes time. So you have to make it a priority. Please do so folks. I have lost far too many friends this last few years who didn’t exercise, didn’t care about their weight, and just hurt themselves in the name of more hours in front of the computer.

Trust me, social media will get along just fine without you. But your friends and family won’t if you kill yourself with stupidity.