Down 20 Pounds in Ten Weeks…

Exactly as planned, which almost never happens with weight loss of any kind.

Ran/walked another 5k this morning in another fun-run event, this time for a Children’s Hospital. Started at 8 am on the other side of the valley from here. (Meant getting up about the time I used to go to bed when living on the coast.

Course was hilly, so my time ended up about the same as the last two. I need to drop more weight before the time will really improve.

But I did walk 43 miles in steps last week. Average about 12,300 steps a day. Best week so far.

Now if the writing would just crank back up and hit cruise like the exercise and weight-loss, I would be very happy.

And before you ask what I am doing to lose weight, it is simple. I eat anything I want, but in moderation. A lot of protein. And I move around more.