There has been a fantastic bundle of writing books available now for over a month. But even the best deals have to come to an end at some point and with this bundle, that point is very soon. Just over a week.

The bundle at is called the Nanowrimo Writing Tools.

And sure, I have a book in it, my Killing the Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing.

But honestly, I would grab this bundle for some of the other books.

For example, if you haven’t seen or heard James A. Owen do his presentation on Drawing Out the Dragons, you need to watch for him coming to your area. The presentation is amazing and inspiring. Or go to the Superstars Writing Seminar in February where he does the presentation every year.

But if he isn’t in your neck of the world or you can’t get to Superstars, get the bundle because his book Drawing Out The Dragons is in it. Nothing is as good as listening to him give the presentation, but this comes close.

Now also in this bundle is an amazing book with lots of how-to, nuts-and-bolts advice from a major bestselling writer M.L Buchman. I’ve read this book and it has a ton of those gems of advice in it. The book is called Managing Your Inner Artist/Writer.

Then for those of you interested in science fiction, one of the masters of the form, Mike Resnick has an amazing book The Science Fiction Professional. But as you might expect, even if you are writing in other genres, this book is full of fantastic advice from a forty-year professional writer.

I have a hunch most of you have heard of Bob Mayer, a major bestselling writer for a lot years. Bob enjoys helping new writers and with his book Write it Forward, you again will get a ton of help with not only writing, but selling.

I am just naming a few of the wonderful books in this bundle. There are a bunch of great books in here I haven’t read yet and am looking forward to reading them.

But there is one last book that I think makes this entire bundle worth the cost. That is Closing the Deal on Your Terms by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I assume some of you were following her over the year she wrote this on her blog. Well, in this book she has put it all together, easy to reference, with expanded content from the blogs.

That book might be the most important book you have for reference in your career, indie or traditional writer.

So this bundle is a fantastic deal, period. Sure, I want you to get it for my book. But trust me on this, the books in here besides mine are amazing and worth every penny of this great deal.

And the bundle is going away in just about a week. My suggestion is to not wait until the last minute on this one.

Nanowrimo Writing Tools. Or just click on the big image below. (grin)