I Stopped Moving…

Not done with the move (will finish the rest in late July), but I stopped moving after four twenty-foot-truck-loads today and another car full around 7 p.m. Started at 9 a.m.

That is a stupid amount of physical work for a 67 year-old overweight guy. Thankfully I also had two great young guys I had hired, but still kept up with them as I have a want to do.

And thanks Matt for bringing me a late lunch. Very much appreciated. Great to have good friends.

After all that I spent the night watching television, something I almost never do. Then could barely climb out of the chair from soreness.

So this post is a filler to continue the stupidity of blogging for every day since early August 2012. A streak that somehow I have not missed, even though typing anything tonight is not high on my to-do list. The power of a streak.

So I will answer email and be back on track tomorrow (Thursday).