The Kris and Dean Show…

A long time ago, in a land far, far away, (meaning the middle 1990s to about the year 2,000), Kris and I used to do a teaching form that people called the Kris and Dean Show. We would do these usually in conjunction with a writing conference. Or if a writer’s group paid our way to come and give the show for them.

Basically, what we did was talk about the truths of publishing and how to deal with the world of publishing. How to get started, how to survive, that sort of thing. Back then that was traditional publishing.

And we talked a great deal about the logic and the myths and the business and we did it in an entertaining and blunt fashion. That was why the people who watched it called it a “show.”

It was open to writers of all levels and we stopped doing them when we started the coast workshops in Oregon.

So a couple people have asked that now that we are moving the workshops to Vegas, would we ever think about doing a Kris and Dean Show again. So yes, the answer is we are thinking about it.

Three solid days of writing and publishing information. Four hours per day of constant information given in an entertaining and informative way.  Open to writers of all levels because what we would be talking about would help established writers as well as those just starting off.

It would have an indie and hybrid slant in this new time and world.

It would be in Vegas and well over a year away if we decided to try it. Three days. Just Kris and me. No idea as to cost yet.

So anyone here remember the old Kris and Dean Shows and anyone here interested in listening and watching me and Kris talk about publishing and writing for three straight days? We know a ton more now than we did back then. (grin) Write me or leave a comment.


Sunday the two May Insider’s Guide workshops started. The first live webinars for each will be this upcoming Sunday and they run for four weeks, with recorded videos and assignments every week and a webinar at the end of every week.

The webinars are basically me talking for an hour with you folks asking questions that I answer. It is live, but I am the only one on video. Everyone else is asking questions through a chat function.

These two are going to be great fun. And I am still laughing about the first assignment Kris came up with for the Writing Detective Fiction workshop.

— Insider’s Guide to Writing Serial Fiction (2,000 word parts of a novel) (Starts May 6th)
— Insider’s Guide to Writing Detective Fiction. (Starts May 6th)

$300 each, limited to ten writers plus lifetime subscribers. One time workshops. They will not be regular. Sorry.

(Lifetime Subscribers have access to them of course as well as all new courses going forward. And all workshops as well.)




These started last Tuesday and Wednesday, but still lots of time to jump in. Just starting the second week.

Sign up directly through Teachable or if you have a credit, write me directly to sign up. These workshops have just started. Still Time To Jump In!

Class #49… May 1st … Depth #3: Research
Class #50… May 1st … Author Voice
Class #51… May 1st … Dialog
Class #52… May 1st … Writing into the Dark
Class #53… May 1st … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #54… May 1st … Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #55… May 2nd … Depth in Writing
Class #56… May 2nd … Business
Class #57… May 2nd … (open)
Class #58… May 2nd … (open)
Class #59… May 2nd … Novel Structure
Class #60… May 2nd … Writing Fantasy