Great Stories and Stuff…

I am at a fun time I go through every year. I have a massive number of really good short stories to read for the anthology workshop. I actually look forward to this every year, to be honest.

I am also finishing up the last notes on the novel challenge and will get those back in the next day or so to everyone in the last novel challenge. So really fun writing there as well.

So having fun reading. Not as much fun as writing, but still great fun.

And also writing the interstitials for Fiction River: Hard Choices. That’s great fun looking back over those stories again.

Interesting Workshop Stuff…

In the last week or so we cancelled two new online workshops and one coast workshop for lack of interest. Actually, the coast workshop called “The Great Bundle” was going to be wonderful fun and a lot of writing. And a lot of people signed up for it when we announced it a year ago.

Then, over the year, things happened and schedules got in the way and so on and people had to cancel and pretty soon there weren’t enough people left signed up to make it work. So sadly we had to cancel it. Maybe we’ll try it at a different time of the year at some point in the future.

The other two online workshops got not one lick of interest until the day after I cancelled them both. Then one person wanted to sign up not realizing they had been cancelled. I thought they were great ideas for workshops. Ahh, well.

So I figured I would see if anyone was interested in an idea someone gave me for a workshop yesterday.

The workshop idea is… “Flash Fiction: How to Write It.”

Not taking any kind of sign-up, just wondering if there is any interest. You can write me directly or respond in the comments here.

Another workshop idea another person gave me is… “Writing Fight Scenes.”

Again, not taking sign-ups, just wondering if there is any interest. And they would not be started for a while. I have Pop-up workshops to record, including how to make a living in 2018 with your fiction. Lots of cool stuff in that one that starts in March.

One of the Pop-Up Weekend workshops going on right now only has one person in it. So that person is getting a private lesson. (grin)

Anyway, thought I would ask about those two workshops. Fine to write me privately with your opinion or put your comment here. And workshop ideas are always welcome.

—- One more interesting workshop thing. Finally figured out a way to set up a lifetime subscription to the workshops, meaning for one price you can get them all, including any new ones coming up. I’ll announce that tomorrow after some details get worked out. A couple people have asked me about that because there are so many workshops.

I am very proud of these workshops and the range and scope of writing help and business help we now offer writers of all levels. We sure never started off to do this. We thought it would last a few months, let alone build into the most extensive professional fiction writing program in existence.

Head-shaking, but I am still having fun and learning, so onward we go.