Life Roll of the Big Move is Almost Past

So I am getting really excited about writing as I get more and more rested.

My challenge of the 67 titles in my 67th year got blown out of the water by this life roll, so giving some thought to what I want to do next on that front. Maybe 68? Still thinking about that.

And my Cold Poker Gang series is getting some good feedback and was a focus for a time and I have a list of ten titles for that series that need novels to be written. That would be fun as well, since I am now living in Las Vegas. And when I walk into my kitchen I can see the Ogden where two of my detectives live. And the Golden Nugget where they have a regular breakfast.

So got a hunch I will be writing a bunch more mysteries starting very soon.

So I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I’m looking forward to a wonderful lunch with old friends tomorrow, then being back with Kris in Vegas Saturday evening.